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Learn about the benefits of spray foam retrofitting to your property.


Is your home energy-efficient?

It is widely known that an energy-efficient home is one that is comfortable to live in and easy and cheap to heat. Unfortunately, not all homes have been constructed with energy efficiency in mind. In fact, many have huge cavities both in the walls and roofs that add to heat transfer and increased energy loss.

This means many houses have rooms in their house that are in use, but also need an insulation upgrade. Fortunately, this is a task that our team here at Eco Energy Spray Foam are not only familiar with but adept at rectifying.

In fact, with our spray foam insulation, you can expect both an increase in heat retention and a reduction of drafts. This is because spray foam expands to fill the space that it is injected into. Something that means no matter how cold and cutting the wind and weather outside, you and your family will all be warm and toasty on the inside of your home.

Watch our foam video on the insulation process and see how it is a great money and energy saving solution for you, and comes with a 25 year warranty...

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Boost your home’s energy efficiency with spray foam

When you invest in spray insulation from Eco Energy Spray Foam you can expect a thorough installation process from start to finish. The first task we will complete is to locate the studs in your walls. We will then use this to guide our foam insulation spray pattern, making it as effective and energy-efficient for your home as possible.

Our high-quality, mould resistant foam is then sprayed into the cavity between your walls through tiny holes no bigger than 1cm in diameter. A process that not only allows it to take up the greatest amount of space inside the wall of your home but also makes it very easy to cover and repaint after.

Of course, we don’t leave the insulation coverage inside of your wall space to chance. Instead, we use a thermal imager to check that it is in the right place, and there are no cold spots left, correcting and adding more as we go for the maximum energy efficiency.

Why choose foam insulation?

You may be wondering why you should opt for spray foam insulation from Eco Energy Spray Foam rather than the fibreglass kind? Well, there are many reasons why foam is the best choice.

The first is that unlike fibreglass foam expands to the entire volume of the area in which it is placed. This seals that area completely, making it very energy efficient and insulated with no cold spots, or gaps for drafts to get in to your property.

And, because of the nature of insulating foam it allows air to be trapped and used as a barrier. Thus helping to prevent unwanted heat transfer. That is not all insulation foam does, however. It’s also a great choice for people looking to create a cleaner and healthier atmosphere in their home as well. This is because insulating foam helps to boost air quality. It is also and is much better for those with allergies and asthma than it’s fibreglass counterpart.

It’s not just air that our top-quality insulation foam traps though. In fact, it is also excellent and creating an effective moisture barrier as well. Something that can help fight dampness and there is no need to worry about mould growth because unlike fibreglass or foam is mould resistant too. Insulating foam can also help act as a sound barrier which is great news for people whose neighbours are a little noisier than they would like and that want to save up to 45% on their energy bill at the same time!

Finally, when it comes to advantages don’t forget that insulating foam is a much longer-term solution than fibreglass. In fact, we are so confident in our foam’s ability to last and do the job, that it’s guaranteed for a whopping 25 years! Therefore if you are looking for a long term insulation solution, contact Eco Energy Spray Foam, today.

Eco Energy Spray Foam is the choice for foam insulation

Looking for high-quality foam insulation that will expand to fill all the cracks, gaps and hard to reach places in your walls and roof? 

Well, look no further because here at Eco Energy Spray Foam we have you covered.

After all, unlike other foam insulation installers out there, you can be ensured that we will make the installation process easy for you, our customers.

We do this by minimising any disruption to your home and your lives. We also check the results of our work for efficacy and adding foam in additional areas if required.


With that in mind, if you need an effective insulation solution, and you want the best service, contact the experts at Eco Energy Spray Foam now!

We will be waiting for your call.

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