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Put an end to cold floors & high heating bills with our underfloor insulation.


If you are looking for insulation solutions for your home or office projects, Eco Energy Spray Foam is your perfect choice.
Put an end to cold floors and high heating bills with our spray foam underfloor insulation solutions.

A worry in so many homes, as the colder season approaches, is that the room temperature is uncomfortable, and putting up the heating can never truly be a solution for ice-cold floors.

This is because as heat naturally rises, colder air is continally being pulled upwards. So, the draughty air continues to seep into your home through the foundations of your property, then up through your floorboards, as well as via tiny air leaks and cracks in the exterior of your property.

Poor insulation can never effectively protect against draught and air leaks, which therefore leaves even a warm room feeling cold simply due to the fact that your feet remain cold.

Watch our foam video on the insulation process and see how it is a great money and energy saving solution for you, and comes with a 25 year warranty...

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So What’s The Most Effective Solution?

Eco Energy Spray Foam insulation containing airtight Icynene material is your most reliable and cost-effective solution for insulating your underfloors. This dynamic and powerful material helps you resolve the cold floor challenge once and for all – in all parts of your home.

Our Icynene insulation material is also eco-friendly and incredibly efficient when compared to all other floor insulation options. Our solution is designed to not only make you more comfortable, but also save you money on energy bills – as a whopping 30% of energy is continually being lost through your floors, walls and roof space.

How Does It Work?

How does it work?

This process is very quick and simple and causes minimal disruption within your property. Our Icynene foam insulation solution is simply sprayed between the joists and creates a barrier which stops the air below from rising through the flooring and into your living area.

Once sprayed, the Icynene foam material spreads and expands into all the tiny air leaks, crawl spaces and crevices under your floor and forms a tight seal, thereby blocking the flow of air and providing you with effective, air proof insulation. Rigid foam insulation is the best insulation material for air leaks and crawl spaces.

How is it applied?

The type of application depends on one big factor – underfloor access. The amount of access space available will determine how we install your insulations. 


  • Access space greater than 400mm – If this amount of space is available then we are able to insulate upwards from down below your floor.
  • Access space under 400mm – Where space is much more limited, then we have the option to raise your floorboards. Once the floorboards are lifted, we prepare the area by stapling a membrane onto your joists, and finally our Icynene material is sprayed onto the membrane.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation - What Are The Benefits?


  • Substantial improvement of comfort
  • Better installed energy performance
  • Improved air-tightness in floors
  • Hot water pipes under the house may be enveloped with insulation
  • Bathtub underside can be completely insulated.
  • Insects and bugs cannot get into large cracks under floorboards.
  • The thermal efficiency of spray foam provides insulation that is effective for both winter and summer climates.
  • Prevents the growth of moulds and mildew in dark, damp crawl space.
  • It eliminates all air gaps due to the seamless nature of the spray which will further improve how effective the insulation is by eliminating the flow of air, loss of heat and the seeping in of damp and moist air.
  • Icynene has achieved various certifications, which cannot be said about all other insulation materials currently on the market.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation - What Are The Downsides?

  • Materials covered with spray foam cannot be recycled.
  • Uninsulated floorboards usually help in cooling the house in summer, but the thermal bridge created by the spray foam, prevents cool air from infiltrating your home in warmer seasons.
  • A complete floor, wall and loft insulation can trap any heat that comes through the window by sunlight. Post-insulation, heat is prevented from radiating upwards or downwards.

Regardless of these downsides, the comfort and airtightness benefits of our spray foam floor insulation more than makes-up for these shortcomings. 


Why Choose Eco Energy Spray Foam?

Our qualified application experts come prepared with all essential equipment to start and to bring your project to a perfect finish. Our Icynene spray foam product offering is a trusted and a totally proven solution for your crawl space insulation. Our skilled staff are well trained and personable with great customer service experience. Our operation is fast and efficient, using only the highest standards of application and eco friendly methods. This way you can rest-assure that everything will be taken care of.

So as winter is just round the corner, this is the ideal time to get in touch and allow us to create that cosy home you deserve, while saving you money today.

Our team is willing and ever ready to attend to your questions and inquiries. So why don’t you contact us for more information?

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