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How Eco Energy Spray Foam can boost insulation in new build properties!


The problem: Air leakage causes energy inefficiency in new build homes.

Thermal efficiency is a vital angle of the new build construction process. This is because up to 40% of building heat loss is as a result of air leakage. Not, something that is good news for construction firms. After all, both buyers and local authorities are demanding more eco-friendly properties with a net energy score as close to zero as possible.

Of course, this means for construction firms, choosing the right type of insulation is essential. Unfortunately, most forms of insulation aren’t able to create an environment known as a ‘sealed box, where air leakage is kept to a minimum.

After all, wooden, mineral boards and even fibreglass insulation may do well in preventing heat from escaping. However, they aren’t flexible enough to cope with tight corners or more tricky areas. Such insulation options aren’t ideal for when buildings shift and create additional gaps in which air and so heat can escape, either.

Happily, there is a solution that can work as an effective insulator, and help to create a sealed box environment in the new homes you build. This solution is eco spray foam, which expands to fill the entire volume of the area it is installed in. This is something that makes it the best way of reducing air loss. Therefore making your new builds as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Watch our foam video on the insulation process and see how it is a great money and energy saving solution for you, and comes with a 25 year warranty...

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The Solution: Eco friendly, energy-efficient spray foam.

By using spray foam to create a sealed box environment in your new builds, you can reduce your future energy consumption up to 45%. This is something that will ensure your builds are attractive to buyers and local authorities alike. However, the excellent energy-efficient that spray foam provides is not the only reason to choose this type of insulation.

In fact, there are a lot of other factors to consider as well. In particular, one of the biggest advantages of choosing spray foam insulation for their new build houses is that it is also breathable. This is a quality that helps to create the best living environment for future residents. The reason being that it prevents a stuffy, dusty, allergen filled atmosphere from being created.

In fact, the high spec open-cell spray product Eco Energy Spray Foam uses will provide you with excellent energy efficiency. While at the same time also being mould resistant, cutting down on allergens and allowing your properties to ‘breathe’ in a much more natural way.

Then there is the additional advantage that spray foam offers as a sound barrier. Yes, that’s right it’s not just air that the foam will keep, but noise as well. Of course, for construction companies, this is an added benefit as it means they can reduce the sound insulation they use as well. All while still providing a high-quality build to their customers.

Why choose Eco Energy Spray Foam to install your insulation foam?

Now, you know about all the wonderful advantages of spray foam, you will need to find the most skilled installation provider for the job. Of course, that is where our expert team at Eco Energy Spray Foam comes in. In fact, as we have multiple dual spray rigs operating at the same time you can guarantee the shortest lead times on installation. Something that means you can get the best quality insulation, and make sure your project runs on time too.

Our highly trained spray foam insulation experts are also adept at using thermal imaging to check the quality of their work. They will even make additional corrections on site as necessary to provide you with the most energy efficiency possible.

That’s not all because choosing Eco Energy Spray Foam to install your spray insulation is a long term solution too. In fact, we offer a 25-year warranty so you can be sure that your insulation will last the life of your build.

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Our spray insulation is not only energy-efficient but creates a healthier environment for future residents.

Also, unlike other spray foam insulation providers we offer a super-fast service. One that is facilitated by highly trained professionals. 

Something that means you can keep your project on schedule. While still meeting the increasingly stringent eco requirements that new builds currently face.

With that in mind, why contact Eco Energy Spray Foam today. Our knowledgeable advisors, will be ready and waiting to help you with any queries or questions you may have.

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