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Eco Energy Spray Foam can boost insulation in commercial properties!


The Problem: Heating commercial buildings is expensive!

When hearing commercial buildings like barns, warehouses or shops the comfort of those inside is paramount. Unfortunately with larger areas, heating up the air inside can be a very expensive exersise and a never ending task. Particularly when a great deal of this air you have paid out to warm is constantly escaping.

In fact, this problem is known as air-leakage and is one of the largest contributors to high commercial property running cost that exists. Not to mention the problem that it creates for businesses trying to be as eco friendly in the way that they run as possible. After all, using up loads of energy heating air that is promptly lost, is not efficient at all.

The good news is that even in the largest of commercial buildings, there is a solution that can help retain up to 45% more heat. Our solution is what is known as the sealed box method. That is where insulation is used to create an environment where air leakage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Of course, how effectively you can create a sealed box environment depends on the insulation that you use. After all, all insulation was not created equal! In fact, fibreglass or wood may work in some environments, they can’t cope with the vast volume of space that is common in commercial buildings.

Fortunately, there is an insulation solution that is perfect for even the largest of commercial buildings – spray foam. This is because it’s fast to install, very effective, and will expand to create an environment where there is as little air leakage as possible.

Watch our foam video on the insulation process and see how it is a great money and energy saving solution for you, and comes with a 25 year warranty...

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The Solution: Eco friendly, energy-efficient spray foam.

Now, you may be worried that creating a sealed box environment will be harmful to operation in your commercial property. After all, the health and well being of the people and animals inside will need to be considered carefully.

The good news is that eco energy spray foam isn’t just the best insulator for larger spaces. Its also great for creating a more healthy, breathable environment for those using the space. In fact, spray foam contains fewer pollutants and allergens than its fibreglass counterparts.

It’s also mould resistant and protects against damp damage. Spray foam can even help reduce noise in your commercial property. That means it’s fantastic for agriculture where you want to keep things as quiet as possible inside. However, it is also brilliant for warehouses and manufacturing. After all, businesses will often want to make sure a minimum of noise is transferred to the outside as well. Especially if they are located in a residential or strictly regulated area.

Why choose Eco Energy Spray Foam to install your insulation foam?

All types of insulation aren’t equal, and neither are the teams that install it. That means you must find the right team with the experience to successfully install your insulation if you want it to be effective and last long term.

Happily, at Eco Energy Spray Foam, our expert team can help you ensure that your commercial property is effectively insulated. We pride ourselves on offering a quick and thorough installation process too. Something we attribute to our skilled professional installers, and our high quality installation equipment. The latter allows us to complete work in even the largest of commercial areas in a matter of a few days.

In fact, at Eco Energy Spray Foam, we are so confident in our spray insulation that we offer a 25-year warranty. Yes, that right we offer all the benefits listed above for a massive 25 years. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that your property will be effectively insulated over the long term.

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If you have a commercial building that needs insulation, or you are looking to save big on running costs, get in contact with Eco Energy Spray Foam today.

After all, our spray foam is not only fast to install but can cut your energy bills by up to 40%. No small amount for businesses looking for a way to increase their bottom line.

Additionally, unlike other insulation, our foam will create a safer environment for anybody using the space.

Whether they are your employees or your livestock. Something that means you won’t have to worry about allergens, mould, or pollutants.

Therefore, if you want better energy efficiency and lower running costs. All while ensuring your commercial property is as safe and eco friendly as possible, get in contact with Eco Energy Spray Foam today! 

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