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Open-cell spray foam insulation is the solution for your energy wastage.


Eco-Energy Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is proud to be a reliable spray foam insulation service provider in the UK. Our Lapolla spray foam insulation materials are US-made and are what you need to reduce your energy bills and save money on your heating bills.

Unlike standard methods of home insulation which are not energy-efficient, open cell spray foam insulation offers airtight insulation for properties using superior materials which last long. This means you will save energy, maintain a constant temperature, and increase your comfort at home.

How Does Our Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Work?


  • They form an airtight envelope which will seal your entire property from losing conditioned air.
  • They also prevent filthy air from the external environment from entering your property.
  • These energy saving solutions are light, durable, and versatile.
  • They are also the best and strongest polyurethane spray foams you can get at the moment.

In general, your heating systems will now be able to function optimally because temperature fluctuations and humidity control will be at your fingertips.

Benefits Of Eco-Energy Spray Foams

All over the world, energy costs are rising sharply despite the decline in the strength of the global economy. Thus, building experts and architecture gurus are recommending that homeowners should install insulation materials to solve the problems of energy waste, while improving overall health and environmental conditions in properties. Open-cell spray foam insulation is the number-one recommended solution for energy wastage in your home.

Why Open-Cell Foam Insulation?

Here are some good reasons why you should choose Eco-Energy Spray Foam Insulation for your property insulation needs:

Cut Down Your Energy Usage And Costs

Cut Down Your Energy Usage And CostsOur spray foams allow heating and cooling systems to regulate fluctuations in temperature and humidity in your building effectively. With this, you are on your way to saving energy in your home by 45%.

Reduce Drafts And Noise

Our spray foam dampens noise from the external environment to secure your peace of mind. The home insulation systems will, therefore, maximise your comfort at home.

Get Rid Of Pollution

Diseases such as asthma are often linked to air pollutants such as dust. If you choose our open cell spray foam insulation, you are investing in products that will seal your home from numerous contaminants. Many of our clients report an increase in their health after installing our Lapolla home insulation.

Strengthens Your Building

Apart from giving you clean air and reducing your energy bills, spray foam insulation also reinforces the structural framework of your building. Our experienced installation team knows the exact layer thickness that will add physical support to your property.

Our Services: Surface Types We Insulate

As one of the best service providers in the spray foam insulation industry, we have many years of experience under our belt. We can offer a unique home insulation installation service for your properties ranging from different surfaces such as bricks, wood, metal, and concrete.

What’s more, we also serve commercial and domestic clients with a wide range of applications including:

  • Lofts
  • Underfloors
  • Walls
  • New Build
  • Commercial Properties.

Under normal circumstances, your loft consumes about 35% of your heating costs. However, when there is a wide temperature difference between your loft and your living rooms, these can increase the energy bills since your heating systems will be stressed to their limits. 

Eco-Energy Spray Foam offers solutions to this problem by using Lapolla FOAM-LOKs to seal the underside of your loft’s top plate. This way, it can also become fully air-conditioned.

You can:

  • Eliminate unwanted air infiltration
  • Maintain room temperature
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Shield your home from insects and rodents.

Why We Use Open Cell Foam Insulation


  •  As opposed to close-cell foams, open-cell spray foams are thermally insulated materials that can expand by up to 120 times their original volume. Therefore, these can completely fill cavities of all shapes and sizes
  • They bind perfectly to many building materials
  • Lapolla spray foams, in particular, erect a continuous airtight barrier around your building to prevent air leakages and intrusion. They are excellent at reducing heat transfer in your home
  • Open-cell spray foam perform at cold as well as hot temperatures
  • It is instrumental in preventing mildew and mould
  • It will not shrink or settle

Eco-Energy Spray Foam Insulation is your goto spray foam insulation installer in the UK. With our huge knowledge in this field, we know that your home is your sanctuary and so we create bespoke services to meet your home insulation needs.

We are ready to guarantee your comfort with well-functioning heating and cooling systems within your home or office.

Call on us today for your cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.

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