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Some of the common questions we are asked about our spray foam.


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What is Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation?

 Spray foam insulation is used to seal a building, preventing outside air from getting inside. Spray foam insulation also stops your indoor air from escaping. With spray foam you can control the temperature, regulate humidity and support your HVAC system. Lapolla foam is a type of polyurethane spray which is both durable and versatile. As energy costs continue to rise, Lapolla foam is the perfect solution to make your home more energy efficient.

Lapolla spray foam is the ideal option for a range of applications whether roofing, underfloor, plasterboard or internal walls. As well as saving energy, Lapolla foam is useful for noise reduction and to prevent condensation.

What is the history of Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation?

Lapolla is an industry leader and the first company to commercialize spray foam insulation products. The product was founded way back in 1977. Over the years Lapolla has earned an excellent reputation in the architectural community. Here at Eco Energy Spray Foam we only source the best spray foam products.

What are the advantages of using Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation?

There are many benefits of using Lapolla spray foam insulation.

A few of these include:

  • Go green: Using spray foam helps you to go green and reduce the amount of energy that you use. Spray foam acts as a moisture barrier and improves your HVAC system. Lapolla spray foam provides up to 45% energy savings for your building.
  • Say Goodbye to Mold: By restricting the movement of air you’ll prevent an accumulation of moisture which could lead to mold growth. You’ll create a healthier home, and control the humidity inside your building.
  • Prevents drafts and noise: Spray foam can reduce outdoor noise and ensure that your home is draft-free.
  • No more pollutants: Airborne pollutants can wreak havoc with our health and cause our allergies to flare up. With a spray foam insulation, you’ll prevent pollutants from getting into your home.
  • Globally credentialed product: Lapolla’s spray foam insulation is globally recognised as one of the best spray foam solutions. The product does not produce harmful emissions or a strong odour.
  • A long lasting product: No need to worry about your solution failing, Lapolla spray foam is a long-lasting product.
  • Temperature regulation: No more cold or hot spots, with spray foam insulation you’ll create the perfect temperature for your home.
Why is Lapolla spray foam better than conventional insulation?

Various environmental conditions cause buildings to move and expand. The problem is, conventional insulation solutions can’t adapt to these natural movements. Conventional insulation can result in air-leakage and wasted energy.

Lapolla spray foam insulation will change shape as your building moves, providing a perfectly air tight seal. Heat tends to escape through the gaps in traditional insulation, but with Lapolla spray foam you’ll keep in the heat! Lapolla spray foam insulation will keep your floors nice and warm in the winter time.

Is Lapolla spray foam fire resistant?

Yes Lapolla spray foam is fire resistant. In the event of a fire the product does not act as a fuel, or continue burning once flames are dissipated. Regardless, Lapolla spray foam is not classed as a ‘non-flammable’ product. It’s advisable to follow health and safety precautions carefully.

Can I spray Lapolla over electrical wiring?

Lapolla will not cause wiring to overheat and the product has passed rigorous health and safety checks. Despite this, it’s recommended that you use a service cavity or a conduit for your electrical wiring.

Can Lapolla spray foam insulation improve the air quality?

It certainly can! Lapolla spray foam helps prevent pollutants from entering your building. When you use Lapolla you’ll create the perfectly insulated environment and improve the quality of your indoor air. Whether you’re insulating a home or an office environment, improved air quality means improved comfort and productivity.

Is Lapolla spray foam earth-friendly?

Yes Lapolla spray foam is an earth-friendly product. With this insulation product you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and save money. The product does not contain any harmful chemicals, so you won’t be compromising the health of your home.

Lapolla was previously included in the Presidential Climate Policy and Action Committee. Back in 2014 Lapolla committed to sustainability initiatives set out by the White House. Lapolla products also do not use high HFCs.

Will Lapolla spray foam deteriorate?

No Lapolla spray foam will not deteriorate over time. The product is durable and will provide an effective insulation solution for many years. For further information about spray foam insulation feel free to contact us at Eco Energy Spray Foam.


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